04 dicembre 2011


Im after a GT-GTB/PULSE frame or complete bike.Size 56 ctc,but i can consider other sizes,once i know the standover height.For hints/infos, leave a msg in here.


30 ottobre 2011

Sunday Morning

Went for a quick spin in the park,this morning, but didnt pedal much.All I got is, Mr.Fisichella, behind the steering wheel of a Ferrari F10, doing laps and burn-outs, for the visual pleasure of others.....me included.

15 maggio 2011



Ladies and Gentlemen

The first Florence Alleycat, is about to happen.

Saturday, June 4th, keep yourself free!

For infos, hit us up.

See you there!


24 aprile 2011

Richard Sachs x Oakley

The so much rumoured about,Richard Sachs endorsed Oakley-Frogskins™, just dropped today. The ATMO™ model comes in a red frame with black lenses combo, and the production is limited to hundred pieces worldwide(Mr.Sachs pictured above sporting an early prototype with etched RS™ logo on the right lens)

Sneakerheads better keep your eyes open,there is something for you too!Stay tuned!

Key Holder

I foresee a trend...