14 febbraio 2014

Le Vie del Cielo

Dimitri Coste has appeared here before.Again,he proves us that bmx and chicks are the right combo. This specific one has been spotted HEREthough

10 ottobre 2013

Bikes for sale

Im helping a friend moving some bikes,please contact me for more infos and pix.Both the candy red DACCORDI and the namelesse white-blue crono bike were built custom.The daccordi has the rare turbo model aero tubing treatment.Dont sleep,the others I offered previously got smoked in a jiff.

02 ottobre 2013

New Kids on the block

We are coming! from ferriveloci on Vimeo.

Ferriveloci represent the new wave of Italian framebuilders straight outta Milan.Inspired by The Masters and under the tutelage of Mr.Camilotto,the dynamic duo is trying to pump new blood into the game.Grand opening is few hours ahead of the upcoming Milano Red Hook Criterium,so ,if you happen to be around,swing by and check 'em out!

25 gennaio 2013

Im after this

I after this RNC brake lever,or any RNC component.I need it to finish a build,if you have,or know where to find,lemme know,I'll pay-trade-kill.

18 gennaio 2013

G.S. Run-D.M.C

Run-DMC crew,caught rollin' through NY, for the ''Tour de Lite'' bike gathering. You may notice the turntables on the bars...